Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket £3.50 @ Tesco Direct

20 March 2013

Hello Kitty fans, who feel the cold, REJOICE! Tesco Direct are selling this Hello Kitty fleece blanket for £3.50 instead of £6.96.

I love fleece things; I love how they feel when they're new; I love that they're so warm, without being heavy, and when it comes to kids I love that they are so easy to wash and dry.

There's something very snuggly about being tucked up under a fleece blanket when it's cold and hideous outside. And I really enjoy gently covering up my youngest with a warm blanket when he's fallen asleep on the sofa - it's just too cute and he looks so cosy.

My dog and the cats all gravitate to any fleece blanket, there's  no doubt about it: they are universally adored. Admittedly they don't care whether it's a Hello Kitty fleece blanket or a plain one, but the Hello Kitty fan in your family is going to LOVE it.

You can wash it, you can tumble dry it and it'll only take a few minutes to dry over a radiator, if you don't have a tumble drier.

You can arrange to collect your Hello Kitty fleece blanket from your local Tesco store, for free, or you can pay an additional £3 and have them deliver it to you.

Thanks to mycupofgreentea at HUKD

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