Kiddicouture Sleepi Travel Cot £34.99 @ Kiddicare

Kiddicouture Sleepi Travel Cot £34.99 @ Kiddicare

Kiddicare are selling this Kiddicouture Sleepi travel cot, in navy and pink stripe, for £34.99 - the original rrp is listed as being £100.

When you have kids you have three travel choices:

  1. Do it, but leave your child(ren) at home (with grandparents of course, not locked in the basement with enough food and water for the duration!)
  2. Do it and take your offspring with you
  3. Don't do it at all

Option one is great, occasionally, and option three is just miserable which leaves you with option two, and when your little one(s) are small this is going to mean investing in a travel cot or two.

Travel cots also come in very handy when you use option one too - my mum kept a travel cot at her house when all the grandchildren were small for impromptu or emergency overnight stays at her house.

I'm not entirely sure how this Kiddicouture Sleepi travel cot has an rrp of £100 - it doesn't come with any bells and whistles and looks like a standard travel cot to me.

It comes in its own carry bag, is easy to put up and take down and comes with a mattress, of sorts - travel cot mattresses fold into three parts, generally, are thin and not overly comfy.

I've always taken extra blankets to use as padding to make the sleep a little softer; you can buy additional travel cot mattresses BUT they won't fit in the travel cot bag!

There's no delivery to pay on this Kiddicouture Sleepi travel cot, so £34.99 is going to be your total investment.

Thanks to SeeBell at HUKD


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