Junior Snooker Table £39.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this junior snooker table for just £39.99, its original price was £79.99.

Ooooh this junior snooker table takes me back! A friend of mine used to have a snooker table this size - it's 4ft 6in, by the way - and we used to hold snooker tournaments in his bedroom whilst listening to Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album!

The music wasn't the only thing that was 'Bad', my snooker playing skills were just shocking; so shocking, in fact, that when my friend committed a foul I'd get the four points and when I fouled, I'd get those four points added to my score too - I still lost, always.

It was great fun though and we spent hours and hours and hours pretending to be Steve Davies and Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins (although without the pint and packet of fags!).

My snooker playing isn't any better today so all that practice never paid off.  However, playing on that table was just too much fun and I'd recommend one to anyone - they provide hours of entertainment and get kids away from the TV, computers and anything else electronic.

You can choose to either collect your junior snooker table from your nearest Argos store that has stock, or you can pay an additional few pounds, save yourself the bother and have Argos deliver it to your home.

Thanks to chrismac26 at HUKD

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