JoJo Siwa Slime Or Liquid Lava Putty Kits @ The Entertainer

JoJo Siwa Slime / Liquid Lava Putty From £5

We know that lots of you have JoJo Siwa fans at home, and if you're looking for a bargain pressie, or something to keep them busy on a rainy day take a look at the new JoJo Siwa Slime and Liquid Lava Putty kits. They're brand new at The Entertainer and are priced at just £5 - £6 each in a choice of colours.

The Mix & Make Slime kits are a bit like Gelli Baff, in that you pop them in your bath water to make yourself a slimey gooey coloured bath! These sets are £5 each and some colours are already selling out.

Just added today are the JoJo Siwa Liquid Lava Putty kits at £6 each, and they're more like the regular play slime you can buy, only with added glitter and shine.

These are likely to sell out fast, as everything with JoJo's name on does, so don't hang about if you want one.

Click and collect is free on orders of £10 or more. Home delivery costs from £3.99 or is free when you spend £40+.


  • Faye A.

    the kids would love this :see_no_evil:

  • Dawn J.

    bath slime wont make a mess of the carpets.... I could try getting it for her birthday but would like permission first haha xx

    • Lyndsey M.

      Lol yeah she would love that xx

    • Dawn J.

      Excellent I'll get it next week from the one down the centre hopefully xx

  • Helen J.

    Typical :joy::joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:aw well if they like it can get for Christmas lol xxx

  • Kate P.

    Dare I even show her?! :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Jade L.

    Hahaha omg KD would love that :joy: x

  • Sylvina C.

    Yes yes yes! The girls would love it!!

  • Sarah R.

    I saw it...... I’ll be avoiding!! Haha the girls would love it though

  • Sarah R.

    Slime is the latest craze is it?

  • Rachel B.

    She would love them tho xx

  • Alison B.

    Lol best get the order in now xxx

  • Heidi S.

    omg!!! she would love this!! xx

  • Amy-jane E.

    Just showed her lol she like wow xx

  • Kelly T.

    Ha! Might get some ready for Daisie’s birthday present :joy: xx

  • Kayleigh D.

    Shame it’s her birthday soon xx

  • Rachael J.

    Don't care haha.. she ain't having slime in my house haha... Xxx

  • Kayleigh D.

    It’s for the bath would be fine :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

  • Rebecca D.

    Er no. Have enough touble getting her out of the bath now.

  • Lindsey B.

    Noooooo it will be no good for our new house :clap::clap:

  • Kayleigh G.

    Great! Another thing to add to the collection! Primark, have a JoJo gym wear section

  • Ellen J.

    Do they :joy: I might actually buy them for her class haha

  • Kerry R.

    Not for Birthday prezzies then no :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Kayleigh G.

    yeah Laycies got some of it for her dancing but she wants the rest I said we’d have a look Sunday :eyes:

  • Lucy T.

    She’d love to come to your house for a bath :joy::joy:

  • Zoe T.

    Oh no not something else :joy::joy:

  • Maisy G.

    Shes gonna go mad

  • Gemma C.

    We'll keep it quiet and hopefully she won't know :joy:

  • Ki C.

    you won’t be able to move for all the slime & glam goo :joy: xx

  • Teresa G.

    Yes, i chose to ignore it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Dot S.

    She would love these :blush:xxxx

  • Jenna S.

    Omg shes so gona want this. :see_no_evil: when will that girl stop shes bankrupting me :joy:

  • Kelli H.

    We’ve got this...... it’s gross!!!!! :tired_face:

  • Martina S.

    Fluffy would like this :see_no_evil:I better not show her :joy:

  • Lindsay S.

    I saw this early. They also do jojo clothes in Tesco x

  • Lyndsey B.

    Oh god! They really would! :relaxed: x

  • Beth G.

    Amelia would love this :joy:

  • Donna H.

    No way this will not be getting shown to my child lol xx

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