JML Snuggie Blanket £10.97 @ 7DayShop

It is really cold outside at the moment and I really, really am not a fan. It feels as if the cold is seeping into my bones. Well, this deal is so awesome and perfect for the cold winter months that I am going to nab it for myself. Besides I have always wanted one of these snuggie blanket things and this blue one from JML is down to £10.97.

The JML Snuggie Blanket is made from soft fleece and usually costs around £14.99 so you are saving £4.02 off the original price. You can save even more and buy two for £9.99 each, which is pretty cool. This snuggie blanket is blue and the other colours are all different prices so you may pay more.

One size fits all, it is machine washable and super soft and is made from 100% polyester. You get to slip your hands into the sleeves for total comfort and convenience. Yum.


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