JCB Remote Control Mega Lift Crane £8.99 @ Zavvi

Zavvi are selling this JCB remote control mega lift crane for £8.99; it's usual full price is £24.99 and looks like it could be a must for any young JCB fan.

Ever since my youngest son took a shine to the big yellow construction machines, the history of  Joseph Cyril Banford and his JCB empire have been part of my life.

I have no clue why he became quite so obsessed with them, but he did, and could identify a double back-hoe loader from a hundred paces; he has a drawer full of various JCB diggers, dumpers and cranes and would, if he had a chance, love to include this JCB remote control mega lift crane to that collection.

You're young construction worker will be able to move the hook up and down on the wire, lift and lower the boom, and drive the truck around all to the backdrop of realistic sounds and flashing lights - it always makes me laugh when official toy blurb says 'realistic lights and sounds', just in case you thought they might be unrealistic or totally unrelated and random!

UK delivery is free with Zavvi so £8.99 is going to be your total outlay for a JCB remote control mega lift crane.

Thanks to SeeBell at HUKD

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