Get In-App Purchases Refunded From Apple

Get In-App Purchases Refunded From Apple

child with phoneIf you have an iPhone or an iPad that you've allowed your child to use, then it is possible that you've come across the rather nasty issue of in-app purchases. This is where you download a free app, usually a game, which is great, but then as you are playing the game will keep pushing items at you that you can purchase.

And the costs soon rack up. I have heard of sums in excess of £500 being refunded by Apple through this reclaim scheme.

The problem is that children don't necessarily know that they are spending actual money, and the parent gets a huge shock on their phone bill.

While some would argue that this is the parents' own stupidity, I disagree. I think that it was just simply too easy for children to do this. Apple agree and as such, until the 15th of April, are giving out refunds on all In-App purchases that your children have made by mistake.

There are parental controls. But as I found out just this weekend while setting up a new iPad, they're not actually that clear. I wasn't sure if I as switching controls on - or off. While you can set the phone or tablet to request a password before a payment is made, by default the setting allows the password to stay active for another 15 minutes. I do know of at least one parent who entered their password to download a game for their child and then was blissfully unaware that in 15 minutes the child had downloaded £80 of purchases before the password timed out.

Here's what you should do to reclaim in-app purchases, with thanks to our sister site HUKD for highlighting this.

Here is what you can do if you want to request a refund:

1. Check your emails for this notification.
2. Go to iTunes Store and select 'view your Purchase History.
3. Go to
4. Provide the info on the above link and state "Refund for In-App purchase made by a minor".

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD!


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  • Toras3boys
    Hi just wanted to let you know it does work my son spent £1068. Before the bank alerted me to unusual transactions and after contacting iTunes they've emailed me to say they are refunding £911.48
    • LynleyOram
      Amazing saving! Thank goodness for that. I am so happy that it does work. I am up with technology, I've been using cutting edge kit and software for years. And yet even I was baffled trying to work out in the settings whether or not I had switched on, or off, the in-app purchasing feature. Does green mean that in-app purchasing is allowed, or restricted? It is so confusing!
      • Toras3boys
        Hi yes if it's green it means it's allowed,mine came about when I was putting my password in for updates or a new game and he didn't realise that it was coming out off my iTunes have issued a refund of every transaction my son made totalling £911.41 out of the £1068 and I've since followed there guidelines to ensure it can never happen again.x
        • LynleyOram
          oh no! Mine is green. I got it wrong.