Iggle Piggle Pyjama Case And/Or Hot Water Bottle Cover £10.90 @ Amazon

Iggle Piggle Pyjama Case And/Or Hot Water Bottle Cover £10.90 @ Amazon

Amazon have decided to let these Iggle Piggle pyjama cases come hot water bottle covers for £10.90 rather than £24.99.

I don't trust Amazon one little bit when it comes to their prices and the deals I choose to write!  I've been 'bitten' too many times so if you have an Iggle Piggle fan in your family and the price is still sitting at £10.90 then you might want to snap him up.

This Iggle Piggle can be used as a pyjama case and/or a hot water bottle cover - either way he's lovely and soft, cuddly and cosy and will, I'm sure, become a very firm bedtime favourite.

People who've already bought one are more than happy with him and have this to say:

"I bought this for my 2 year old son's birthday, as he loves "In the Night Garden". It's got a fair bit of space inside for pyjamas, but I was very impressed with the size of it! It's as big as my son! He loves it, and it looks lovely on his bed. Well-made too."

"I've bought this for my 2-year-old for Christmas and know she'll love it. However, it is quite big, much bigger than a standard sized hot water bottle and is going to take up a fair amount of space in her cot. I had expected it to include the hot water bottle but it didn't."

So there you have it - he's big, well made but doesn't include a hot water bottle.

Thanks to dudebar at HUKD


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