Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes 12 Pack £6 @ Amazon

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes 12 Pack £6 @ Amazon

If you need to stock up on Baby Wipes then this is a great deal from Amazon, as they Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes are just £6 for 12 packs! That makes them just 50p a pack!

If you buy just the one box of 12 packs it's £6, but if you opt for the Subscribe and Save offer you get them for just £5.70 which is even better value!

If you prefer the Huggies Pure Baby Wipes* they also work out at 50p a pack as the box of 18 packs is on offer at £9.

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If you aren't a Prime member you can get a 30 Day Free Trial here* and get member benefits straight away.

Thanks to kerryhuk7


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  • Mary M.

    Thanks I'll take a look on Amazon now

    • Alex R.

      Word of warning these break/tare very easily not great when ur cleaning a no2!

      • Hayley M.

        Same price im asda at the moment to

        • Laura B.

          Trouble is - these ones smell sooooo good but they rip really easily!! also they are always soaking wet - but a good deal none the less!

          • Sophie W.

            The other ones are in the poundshop for 50p at the moment too! Xx

            • Kayleigh N.

              Good price but Huggies are the worst wipes ever they just rip... Aldi much better xx

              • Kelly D.

                Worse wipes ever! Rip when you get them out the packet

                • amielou

                  These wipes are awful and tear really easily. I swear by Aldi Mamia Sensitive wipes and they're £1.99 for 4 packs of 64 so actually work out cheaper than this. I'm always raving about Aldi because they are by far the best value I've found and I go there just to by my daughter's essentials :).

                  • Gemma E.

                    Never have too many wipes!!

                    • Siobhan R.

                      I buy in bulk from Amazon so don't need any but it's a good bargain xxx

                      • Kristabel B.

                        There 50p in poundland atm

                        • Lisa D.

                          Cheers seen them I'm on amazon 24/7 :weary::joy::joy:

                          • Ashleigh G.

                            Aldis are doing their own 12x 64pack wipes £5.99 much better quality x

                            • Tina H.

                              Same deal in Asda just now x