How To Snag Those Aldi Special Buys Before Anyone Else!

All About Aldi Special Buys

Aldi is a Supermarket with a cult following. It's not just because of their quality groceries and low prices, but mainly thanks to the Aldi Specialbuys. Think Jo Malone Smell-a-likes, Urban Decay Naked Palette dupes and all of those cut price Baby, Gardening, Homeware, DIY (and more) bargains!

What are Aldi Special Buys?

Aldi Specialbuys are items, ranging from anything like Make-up to Tools, Fitness Gear to Candles, and more. They may seem random to you, especially when nestled between the Egg Aisle and Frozen Foods, but they are limited edition items that are available at great low prices.

Aldi Special Buys this week

Thursday 10th May*:

Sunday 13th May*:

Aldi Special Buys Online

How To Snag Those Aldi Special Buys Before Anyone Else!

As you may already know Aldi sell their Specialbuys online as well as in store. Shop online for them and you can not only pre-order them before they hit the stores, but you have access to many "Online Exclusives" too.

Aldi Special Buys Instore

Aldi Specialbuys hit stores on a Thursday or a Sunday each week. Some Specialbuys can sell out within an hour of opening (Kevin the Carrot), so it's worth while heading down for opening time if it's something you really want.

A positive to picking up Specialbuys in store, is that they often reduce them further, if they need the space for the next range of Specialbuys. I have seen discounts of up to 90% on large items such as Travel Cots and Garden Equipment in my local store.

Aldi Offers

Aldi don't tend to do the whole "Buy One Get One Free" offer thing, but they do cut prices across the store weekly.

Each fortnight, you can expect to find a different selection of foods, in the Super 6 Fruit and Veg Deal*, as well as the Super 6 Meat and Fish Deal*. These deals allow you to bag groceries with significant savings.

This fortnight's Super 6 Fruit & Veg:

  • Celery 49p
  • Mixed Chillies 49p
  • Beetroot 49p
  • Radish 39p
  • Salad Tomatoes 49p
  • Cucumber 39p

And this fortnight's Super 6 Meat & Fish:

  • Lemon & Ginger Chicken £3.85
  • Beef Burger with Chilli Cheese £2.69
  • Jamaican Jerk Sausages £1.89
  • Ready to Cook Caribbean Chicken £2.99
  • Hog & Black Pork Loin Steaks £3.49

Aldi Special Buys Gardening

How To Snag Those Aldi Special Buys Before Anyone Else!

There was recently a Gardening Specialbuys Event, and you may still find some in your local store. Aldi have now launched an online Garden Shop*, which means you can snap up those bargains ALL THE TIME!

Aldi Upcoming Special Buys

If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to Specialbuys at Aldi, then it's worth bookmarking their Specialbuys Coming Soon page*, where you get a sneak peak of what's coming next.

You get the opportunity to pre-order Specialbuys too online, before they are available in store. This is a great way to pick up those items that sell out fast when they hit the shops.

It's also well worth picking up their Specialbuys Brochure when shopping in store, and it doesn't harm to probe the staff either. I have had many a tip-off of what's to come well before I have seen any details elsewhere.

Thursday 17th May:

  • Wedding Specialbuys from 89p*
    • Wedding Wooden Guest Book £4.99
    • Wedding DIY Decorations £4.99
    • Wedding Balloons/Pompoms £2.99
    • Wedding Embelishments (Pack of 3) 89p
    • Wedding Premium Craft Kit £6.99
    • Mr & Mrs Pillowcase Pair (2 Pack) £5.99
    • Wedding Invite Bundle £12.99
    • Wedding Planner Assortment £4.99
    • Polaroid Snap Instant Camera £79.99
  • Grooming Specialbuys from £1.99*
    • Naturals Eyeshadow Palette £5.99 (Urban Decay Naked Dupe)
    • Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser £3.99 (Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Dupe)
    • Lacura Face Sheet Masks (2 Pack) £1.99
    • Lacura CC Cream £2.99
    • Blending Sponges £1.49
    • Dental Polisher £9.99
    • Colgate Black Toothbrush £1.99
    • Beverly Hills Charcoal Toothpaste £2.49
    • Dentyl Mouthwash £1.99
    • Natural White Charcoal Mouthwash £2.99
  • Home Specialbuys from £3.99*
    • Premium Votive Set £3.99 (Diptyque Dupe)
    • Premium Boxed Candle £3.99 (Diptyque Dupe)
    • Premium Reed Diffuser £3.99 (Diptyque Dupe)
    • Floating Shelves £7.99
    • 4 Drawer Fabric Storage Unit £12.99
    • Marble Effect Placemat and Coaster Set £4.99
    • 2 Pack Storage Totes £6.99
    • Drum Bean Cube £29.99
    • Designer Lounge Stool £14.99

Sunday 20th May:

  • Outdoor Toys Specialbuys*
    • Mud Kitchen £49.99
    • Wooden Lookout Playhouse £179.99
    • Toddler Ride-On Car £29.99
    • Animal Hopper £9.99
    • Nest Swing £34.99
    • Swing Accessories £6.99
    • Swingball £24.99
    • Scootle Bug £29.99
  • Water Toys Specialbuys from £1.99*
    • Inflatable Island £34.99
    • Pool Lounger £12.99
    • Inflatable Donut £4.99
    • Printed Pool Towel £6.99
    • Inflatable Pool Games £6.99
    • Diving Accessories £4.99
    • Foldable Babies Pool £12.99
    • Animal Shaped Swim Ring £1.99


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