Hide And Seek Peppa Pig £14.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Hide and Seek Peppa Pig for £14.99 rather than £29.99.

I loved playing hide and seek as a kid, in fact...I still do, if I'm honest and will happily play it with my great-niece and nephew whenever they ask!

There's just something about the anticipation of it all; it matters not if you are the hider or the seeker, will you find everyone? Or will you be found?! It's properly one of the best childhood games ever.

The concept is simple; someone hides Peppa then ,with the help of the electronic teddy, you find her as he tells you when you're getting hot or cold.

The reviews I've read are pretty good actually, so it looks like you'll be safe to go ahead and get Peppa Hide and Seek for your little Peppa fan.

"I got this for my grand daughter and she loves it, she's only three but loves Peppa Pig. It was well worth the money, she carrys it everywhere; I would say to anybody thinking of buying this to go ahead and get it"

Nice and simple and a rather good price too; pity the seven AAA batterires aren't included with Peppa Hide and Seek, then it would make the deal even better!

Thanks to babyblue at HUKD

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