Heinz x Cath Kidston Limited Edition Soup Collection £10 For The Trussell Trust

Heinz x Cath Kidston Limited Edition Soup

To celebrate Cath Kidston's 25th birthday they have teamed up with Heinz to give the iconic Henz soup can a Spring makeover! The cans are decorated with some of Cath Kidston's most famous prints and are available to buy now!

The limited edition collector’s box is priced at £10 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to The Trussell Trust, a network of food banks that provide emergency food and support to people in crisis.

The box will feature Button Spot Cream of Tomato Soup, Bramley Sprig Vegetable Soup and Cowboy Cream of Chicken Soup. It will also include an exclusive Cream of Tomato Soup in our iconic Guards print which will only be available at Cath Kidston.

Sadly the box has already sold out online but fear not as you can get your hands on them from these Cath Kidston stores: Picadilly Flagship, Edinburgh, London Bridge, Tottenham Court Road, Cardiff, Liverpool, Meadowhall, Birmingham Grand Central, The Trafford Centre and Brighton.

All three varieties will also be available across a selection of supermarkets for a limited time only, so stock up on some soup for spring and help out The Trussell Trust.


  • Amy P.

    Is this your elevenses snack Jordan

  • Sammy B.

    suprise you haven’t got these xx

    • Amanda B.

      Omfg I’m getting them xx

  • Anna H.

    this is what I was telling u about xx

  • Joy C.


  • Gemma G.

    Yep. Need it all!! :heart_eyes: x

  • Rachel P.

    Omg I do!!!!! Please could I have a tin of cream of tomato as a birthday present from my favourite nephews? Xx

  • Erin M.

    Indeed! My friend tagged me in this yesterday, very cool!

  • Nicola P.

    I need them all. All the soup x

  • Megan E.

    I keep looking out for the soldier one :heart_eyes:

  • Erin M.

    Especially the cowboy one!:heart_eyes:

  • Fran P.

    I’ll see if I can find you one xx

  • Emma L.

    This sold out this morning on Cath website but it’s available in some supermarkets

  • Chloe S.

    Saw these earlier :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:xx

  • Helen T.

    Sure thing! Will go down now and camp outside the store to ensure I’m first in line! Xx

  • Emily S.

    I love Cath but I saw this the other day & find it a bit strange, tins of soup?! Why not team up with a shower gel or beauty product :joy:

  • Michelle R.

    I know it’s a bit of a weird one. I just showed Megan them and she says if I buy them she will not be opening them no matter how much she loves Heinz tomato soup!:joy:

  • Jeni M.

    Omg! They would maybe make me tidy my cupboards lol x

  • Iona D.

    Mental eh they would only be for display :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Patricia N.

    Aw! Aren’t they lovely? :heart_eyes:

  • Louise D.

    i think they might not be in supermarkets till next week. x x x

  • Mandy P.

    Just ordered my Royal wedding Cath mug :joy:

  • Claire F.

    How do you find these things misus?!?

  • Elli G.

    YES! These are awesome!!!

  • Elli G.

    I just tried to order these and they have all sold out already!!! I was going to use the tins to keep my cutlery in!

  • Abbi J.

    Ha ha, saw these and figured the weather is too nice for soup :joy:

  • Josie B.

    If they did a bowl to go with it I’d be all over it!

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