Harry Potter Jewellery From Just £1.18 @ Gearbest

Harry Potter Jewellery From £1.18

Everyone knows a Harry Potter fan! If you have one to buy for this then we have just found you the perfect gift that won't break the bank. I am stocking up for my sister as we speak!

There's a fab range of Harry Potter jewellery and accessories at bargain prices over at Gearbest. Prices start from just £1.18!

Here are just a few of my favourite pieces:

Delivery costs vary depending on the method you select, there are FREE shipping options on selected items too.


  • Donna U.

    I love the wand key rings

  • Danielle W.

    I've got a Harry Potter necklace xxx

  • Heather S.

    :blush: items from a £ and could still spend a fortune :blush:

  • Jenny R.

    Argh! I have a time turner I NEED the rest :heart_eyes:

  • Jenny R.

    Aw thank you ...love them xx

  • Raminder R.

    Just looked it's from China will it even get here in time????

  • Amanda M.

    I'm going for a look, haven't found much Potter stuff. These will make good stocking fillers :blush: Xx

  • Serose R.

    They're fab!!!! :grin::grin:

  • Kelly D.

    Oh I've got two of these. Need the other two!

  • Nic W.

    I want the liquid luck :-)

  • Kat F.

    So cute look at that time turner!

  • Laura P.

    Definitely a few there I need to add to my collection mate!! :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: xx

  • Sian K.

    I have the felix one lol haha xx

  • Natalie B.

    Love :heart_eyes: keep them coming !!! We are literally known as Harry potters number 1 fans across the area :joy: x ... where do u find this amazing stuff :thumbsup:

  • Ailsa D.

    maybe wee stocking fillers

  • Lou V.

    Expect long delivery times as coming from China....

  • Cathy M.

    I already have most of them and use them as Christmas tree decorations on my HP themed tree.

  • Sarah O.

    I would love the Phoenix!!

  • Marian N.

    Omg! I can't choose which one I like more!! Lol xx

  • Maxine H.

    Oh god I love it :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart: thank you xxx

  • Fiona M.

    She will love these. Christmas shopping now officially started :christmas_tree:

  • Beth C.

    I've got the Diadem but i want the bottle:heart_eyes:

  • Fiona B.

    I WANT THE BOTTLE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Merriol B.

    ooooOOOOOoooo!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Kerry C.

    Oh I love the Phoenix and Diadem :heart_eyes:

  • Rebecca M.

    My vow renewal should totally be HP themed with a hint of b&tb

  • Natalie M.

    Ooh i like the felix felicis one x

  • Kirsty H.

    Ooo I like the Felix Felicis & the diadem! :heart_eyes: I've already put a time turner necklace on my Xmas list :grin::joy:

  • Lisa F.

    Omg... Need that potion necklace :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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