HappyLand Forest Fairy Tree House £20 @ ELC

HappyLand Forest Fairy Tree House £20 @ ELC

The Early Learning Centre are selling this HappyLand Fairy Forest Tree House for half price - £20 rather than its original £40.

I used to have a tree house type toy when I was little - it had a big round plastic tree-top which opened up to reveal the 'house' bit inside and there was a slide that went down through the middle of the trunk; there was also a door at the bottom.  If you're my sort of age then I'm pretty sure that you'll know exactly the tree house toy I'm talking about, because almost everyone had one.

Looking at this HappyLand Forest Fairy Tree House reminds me of my tree house toy, of happy care-free childhood days gone by when all there was to worry about was what to play with the next day.

Of course, things have moved on since those days and this HappyLand Forest Fairy Tree House has electronic sounds and all sorts.  It comes with furniture and a snail-drawn carrriage for the fairies to ride in; there's a fruit basket on a pulley that you can winch up and down by turning the handle and, despite the modern addition of sounds, I'm very glad to see that toy tree house inhabitants still have a slide to travel to the ground on.

The HappyLand Forest Fairy Tree House is suitable for little ones aged 18 months and older and will cost you an additional £4.95 for home delivery - I wish the ELC would hurry up and introduce free in-store collection!

Thanks to KHendle at HUKD


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