Half Price Pick & Mix @ Wilko

19 February 2018
Half Price Pick & Mix @ Wilko

I LOVE Pick & Mix and so do the kids - we get it as a treat because it's like way too expensive to buy often. We have some good news though, Wilko are offering Half Price Pick & Mix again and we couldn't be happier!

The half price Pick N Mix offer starts 19th February 2018 and runs until 25th February 2018.

The last offer was available in England and Wales only, and not in stores in Scotland, so we're expecting this one to be the same.

This means that Pick & Mix prices will be as follows:
Regular cup 95p
Medium cup £1.45
XL cup £1.95



  • Bethan W.

    we were only talking about this this morning :joy::joy: xx

  • Michalla E.

    would be rude not too lol x

  • Fay P.

    Yes!!!!!! Makes a small cup cheaper than Poundland!! :grinning::grinning::dango::candy::lollipop:

  • Becky M.

    It is a must :joy::joy::joy:

  • Claire P.

    Couldn't eat any tea yesterday as on sugar overload from our Friday afternoon feast ! However it'd be rude not to Participate in this special offer !

  • Roy C.

    Oh my god not the pick and mix again. lol...:sob::sob::sob:

  • Hannah H.

    :thumbsup_tone1: love pick and mix

  • Jasmine I.

    Omg!!! Need to get there lol. X

  • Anth W.

    Its literally got my name on it already!

  • Emily C.

    Will defo be getting some on Wednesday :blush: x

  • Gary J.

    Oo i do like a good old half price Pick n mix !

  • Laura W.

    Haaa... we so need to go :joy:

  • Gemma R.

    HALF PRICE :astonished::heart_eyes::astonished::heart_eyes:

  • Emma W.

    Yesssss!! Will be getting my pic n mix right on :joy: xxxxxx

  • Satya J.

    That's lunch break Monday sorted :wink:

  • Sam F.

    Yes it's always on offer in the holidays

  • Rachel M.

    Have to go up without the kids they always eat them

  • Candice L.

    Thanks for the heads up :ok_hand_tone1::wink:

  • Suzanne S.

    Omg I may ruin my 9:2 lol

  • Elisabeth H.

    Ohhh yes need to get some of that!!! Xx

  • Chantelle Q.

    Oh god im.honna end up even fatter lol x

  • Samantha R.

    Oh yes! Have to get ourselves to wilko :pig:

  • Bethany S.

    We could go there Saturday :slight_smile: x

  • Ross E.

    Got to get a cup of bubblegum bottles lol xxxx

  • Lise J.

    I need a pick n mix now :weary:

  • Lauren R.

    Get done there love. Don't use your fingers :sweat_smile:

  • Lindsay J.

    Goodness me.. :((( my poorly belly won't stomach one of these today at all :sob::sob: xxxxxx

  • Sharon M.

    Ooooooooo I will do

  • Nikki E.

    Mines hyper enough lol xx

  • Emily N.

    I need to go and get those!!!!!!! X

  • Kim G.

    Pic n mix, one of the best things EVER :heart_eyes:

  • Jade B.

    Oooh yummy!! Might need to take a trip :slight_smile:

  • Louise C.

    Yessssssss!!!! Going there at lunch! :joy::joy::joy:xxxx

  • Pete L.

    Why have you done this to meeee.

  • Rosie S.

    I ate a tub a day for about 3 months when I quit smoking :see_no_evil:

  • Katie B.

    Yum! I want this now :joy:

  • Sky S.

    Yummy !!!! Haven't had pic n mix for ages :joy::joy:

  • Kate J.

    Thats me sorted for today :laughing:

  • Louu A.

    We need some for when we're at the airport :joy:

  • Helen G.

    Not Scottish stores only England and Wales!!

  • Sara T.

    Yayyyyyyy got some today :ok_hand:

  • Nichola G.

    Oh my days I could just eat a pick n mix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Japfan J.

    Can get twice as much then

  • Melanie W.

    :open_mouth: I'm off to wilkos lol x

  • Paul W.

    Father just went in and it's only for England and Wales according to Irvine store

  • Sammi B.

    Got ours today :ok_hand_tone1::ok_hand_tone1::heart_eyes:

  • Chelsea R.

    We need to go get some for Sunday xx

  • Kerry B.

    Im back on shift tomorrow but will be there Monday :heart_eyes: cheers mate!!xx

  • Kelsie B.

    Might treat the kids to some tomorrow x

  • Kathy P.

    I'm trying to be strong! But not trying too hard!

  • Fay P.

    We did this last time it was on. Only worth doing if you're getting the smallest cup!! We got the next size up as they ran out of small cups and I weighed it. It's cheaper to put a cup full in a bag. even with the offer!! Filled our medium cups to the brim and was about £1.10 on the scales. With the offer it's £1.45!! Definitely a LOT cheaper to do this for a medium cup when it's full price!! Put it in a cup first then a bag to weight it! :wink:

  • Kirsty M.

    Yum :grinning::grinning: might have to have a trip to town haha :joy::joy:

  • Melanie S.

    We need to go last indulgence before project fit

  • Hannah W.

    Good job im taking little miss to town tomorrow x

  • Joy A.

    :rolling_eyes: Damn it, no sign of a Wilko's where I am!

  • Sami W.

    I need some for my road trip too!! May have to take a trip to wilkos in the morning lol xx

  • Sheree B.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: oh ... I have to go through town tomorrow!! Lol xx

  • Kathryn M.

    Pick and mix timeee let's gooo!

  • Kayleigh W.

    I'm trying to be good. Why is life testing me?! :sob::joy:

  • Katie M.

    me too... but a few won't hurt :eyes::yum:

  • Han C.

    Oh bloody ellllll :weary: we've only just finished the last one!

  • Ranah M.

    I'll be there tomorrow :joy:

  • Dave C.

    Nah there bad for you lol

  • Laura D.

    Hahaha I'm going to have to to get one too!!! :pig::pig::pig: xxxx

  • Laura D.

    Haha I'm deffo going to get one too! I'll never lose this baby weight! :pig::pig::pig::pig: xx

  • Jenny G.

    Shame there's only small selection in Biggleswade

  • Lynette C.

    Wanted to like this a lot :grin:

  • Abby N.

    YUM! Just in time for my cinema night tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Jenny N.

    :open_mouth: going into town tomorrow!! x

  • Rachel S.

    Looks like I'm going tomorrow

  • Nicola M.

    If I had any energy at all I would be there x

  • Emma L.

    Oooh yes!! Might have to take an accidental wrong turn into Wilko this weekend

  • Emily A.

    Hahaha, thanks hun!! You know how much I love the half price pick n mix!! :wink::candy::lollipop: I'm sure me and Matt will be stocking up for the weekend!! :joy: xxx

  • Laura W.

    Why are you doing this to me... I'm supposed to be on a bikini no treats diet :joy::joy:

  • Jenny N.

    Noooooo .... I might take a bucket - those tubs are pretty small! x

  • Jenny N.

    :stuck_out_tongue: squeezing the lid on x

  • Karen D.

    I know they're killing me!!! I'm supposed to be cuttting out sugar!!

  • Kay P.

    Nooooooo.... I'm not at work to enjoy this.... whyyyyy :weary:

  • Matthew S.

    Oooooo I'll think about it lol x

  • Eloise O.

    I know :heart_eyes::weary: need to go staines

  • Leanne H.

    I will be there Saturday xx

  • Jamie H.

    What time do they shut!!!

  • Shirley M.

    Is this in Scottish shops

  • Sarah L.

    stock up time end of next wk.

    • Kelly G.

      I only bought one yesterday full price :persevere::persevere:

  • Jessie W.

    On it when I get paid :wink:

  • Shamarnah F.

    My favourite time is when it's half price :joy::joy:

  • Hazel S.

    Who doesn't?!!!!! This is so dangerous. #mustnotgotowilko

  • Rachel C.

    I'm gunna be there everyday after work :joy:

  • Nicky K.

    Is this offer only on for 1 day though

  • Fay P.

    Word to the wise - It's only worth doing if you're getting the smallest cup!! We got the next size up as they ran out of small cups and I weighed it. It's cheaper to put a cup full in a bag. even with the offer!! Filled our medium cups to the brim and was about £1.10 on the scales. With the offer it's £1.45!! Definitely a LOT cheaper to do this for a medium cup when it's full price!! Put it in a cup first then a bag to weight it! Some shops really do think we are silly!

    • Nicola D.

      Good point, depends what you're having too - a cup full of soft foamy sweets and marshmallows doesn't weigh much so better to go by weight but the heavier fudge and chocolates are better in a cup :wink:

  • Kelly R.

    Yaaa woop woop ill be there on friday :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Alison H.

    Most expensive pick and mix ever

  • Jesskimo H.

    Glad it's back :smiley::smiley:xxxx

  • Stacey J.

    Best thing about the school hols, haha x

  • Douglas K.

    Got to get tactical with these. No flumps or flying saucers allowed. Chocolate mice and chic fish’n’chips are high picks. If it’s still on after payday we should have a wee contest.

  • Fi E.

    I've just got 2 big tubs from Morrison's for £5 :laughing::laughing:

  • Zoe G.

    Yassssss!! I'm still in massive need of a pic n mix! Xx

  • Lisa D.

    Ohh yeyy, the boys can have some as a treat over half term.x

  • Sarah S.

    Oh yummy! I’ll be there :grinning:

  • Kelly C.

    Good news. Lakeside opened a wilko!

  • Naomi N.

    Ooooooo we gotta go! Maybe take the children?! Lol x

  • Lexi J.

    OMG this is what I wanted to get today!

  • Angela L.

    Perfect. Do Ikea still do this on school holidays? I love pick & mix xx

  • Janine P.

    I love pick n mix :smiley::pig: xx

  • Ashley G.

    Trip to wilkos next week then :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Stuart H.

    Thanks, will be first in the queue on Monday!

  • Jo H.

    im already on it, taylas off that day we are going for 3 tubs for kids to take away xx

  • Katie-ann H.

    Lol oh no this is not good x x

  • Heather M.

    Oh my daaaays!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Bethany S.

    I’m going to get one right this second! X

  • Kyle T.

    Half price sweets :muscle_tone1:

  • Deborah G.

    I know, I love having a half term birthday :joy::joy::joy::joy::kissing_heart:

  • Clare L.

    We going to wilkos lmao x

  • Lucy C.

    Love it !!!! That’s my snack before bed in the morning xxxx

  • Shamarnah F.


  • Eleanore G.

    Yeah think that’s a plan x

  • Shirley M.

    Is this in Scotland as well

  • Phillip M.

    We will go and get some later.

  • Karen C.

    Will pop on my way home xx

  • Lucy F.

    Just returned home with some - see how long they last! :joy::lollipop::candy:

  • Chloe A.

    Yes please! Sour sweeties for me please! Xx

  • April A.

    I know. I'm going to try and go tomorrow. I only wanted a big cup of strawberries aswell :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Natalie M.

    Ooo sat nite treat :joy::joy:

  • Kerry R.

    Best go get me one then :joy:

  • Hannah D.

    Buzzing about that :raised_hands: x

  • Laura T.

    I went and got some! :yum::yum::yum::candy::candy::candy::lollipop::lollipop:

  • Ben S.

    Think I’ll have to pay a visit in the morning xx

  • Fleur T.

    I know where I’m headed in the morning :pig:

  • Ben P.

    Cheers, got some at lunch haha

  • Nicola J.

    Blinking was in there today :rolling_eyes:

  • Lynn C.

    Thank you,, for the reminder. Been in town but forgot them!! but will get them now. Xx

  • Claire T.

    Yes I need to go at the weekend dude :kissing_heart:

  • Katie W.

    lol I know I just yelled at cam that we have to go to wilkos tomorrow lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Hannah E.

    Rory will be all over this lol xxx

  • Carl W.

    That’s just mean.... the temptation is real

  • Caroline F.

    So dangerous for me.... Love pick n mix lol X

  • Molly F.

    I’m going there tomorrow now lol

  • Faye S.

    Yummy but it’s Lent :cry: x

  • Linda S.

    Going cinema tomorrow may get some

  • Jemma B.

    I'll be in there tomorrow :wink: xx

  • James A.

    Haha! :joy::joy: Might have to make another trip!

  • Dean M.

    Guess where we’re going on the weekend haha xxxx

  • Kayleigh P.

    Ooooohhh! I just can't do it :pensive:

  • Sharon M.

    Been there already

  • Kayley B.

    I went this morning :joy::joy: xx

  • Emily B.

    Oh noooo. I’ve given up sweets for lent :joy::joy:

  • Abbey J.

    Already on it :joy: got one today

  • Mary L.

    Deffo treating myself after midwife appt on Weds :eyes::raised_hands_tone2:x

  • Kelly D.

    :raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2: trip to metro at weekend haha xx

  • Stacey C.

    Given up sugar for lent :cry::cry::cry::cry:

  • Cathanie K.

    Oh so good and so bad :joy:will wait till weigh day then might get some :candy::lollipop: xx

  • Carly H.

    We needed that for tonight

  • Janette D.

    Yay, we need to fill up the sweetie jar :wink::wink: xxx

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