Habitat Sale: Up To 50% Off

30 June 2010

habitatBanner I love Habitat! I'm NOT going to buy anything, I'm just going to look at things to show you...honest!

I hope you appreciate the iron-will this is going to require! I am only grateful there isn't a Habitat close by as this sale applies in store as well as online.

As you can see from the banner, lots of things are included in the sale: all sorts of furniture, household bits and pieces like candles, vases and mirrors and things for kids too.

I quite like this world wall sticker for kids, it's W150 x H80cm, made of vinyl and has been reduced from £39.00 to £27.30 - the blurb says it's suitable for kids over three years, but I'm not entirely sure why...it's not as if it has any small parts!

Carrying on with the kiddies educational theme, how about this wooden numbers game? Each little wooden block has a multiplication sum on it and sits inside the wooden grid - underneath each block is the answer to a sum and you have to match them up and it's reduced from 2 x 9 pounds to 2 x 6 pounds plus 60 pence *grin*.

Go and have a mooch around Habitat for yourself and see if anything takes your fancy - you've got until the 2 August until it's all over.

Thanks to edi over at HUKD!

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