Gruffalo 17 Month Family Planner £4.99 (was £9.99) @ Amazon / The Book People

Gruffalo 17 Month Family Planner £4.99 (was £9.99) @ Amazon / The Book People

If you're wanting to get organised with the new school term this Gruffalo Family Planner is amazing - and it runs all the way through from now until the end of 2018! It's now half price at both Amazon and The Book People, down from £9.99 to just £4.99.

I have this planner on my kitchen wall and the new one sat on my table waiting to be put up as well! The new 2018 version runs from last month, August 2017 up until December 2018, so you can start using it right now and get organised for the whole school year.

It has five columns that you can label for each family member so that you can fill in activities and appointments for each of them every day if needed. There's four of us in my family, so we have a column each, plus an extra for birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

It comes with a big set of 150 acivity stickers that you can used to mark the school holidays, doctors, dentists, haircuts, parties, holidays and all sorts of other things.

It also has a drop down pocket at the bottom to keep important letters and papers to hand, and a notes section at the bottom of each month's page.

I love this, and it is invaluable in organising my family, and I would definitely recommend it. For less that a fiver it's fantastic, so I'd grab one right now if I didn't already have it!

If you have Amazon Prime there's no delivery charge so it's best to order from them, otherwise the delivery charge is cheaper at The Book People as it's just £2.95.


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  • Kelly R.

    get my first Christmas present in

    • Jackie F.

      This is what I ended up with x

      • Sam W.

        Had one for the last 2 years running :blush:x

        • Charlotte W.

          Oh I got a diary in the end. We haven't hardly used it!

          • Mhairi W.

            Saw it and about to order

            • Kate E.

              Ooh, you are a wonder! Was just writing stuff on the current calendar thinking I need the new one!

              • Louisa S.

                I'm on it! Do you want one:wink:

                • Holly M.

                  So getting this!!!! I love the one I have at the mo!

                  • Heather W.

                    Now purchased lol x. Thanks

                    • Theresa B.

                      What you saying you want one lol x I can fill it in for ya x

                      • Laura H.

                        I just don't use a calendar anymore, my diary is my planner x

                        • Rachael S.

                          Fab thank you we love our Gruffalo calendar xx

                          • Lesley-Anne W.

                            Already ordered it! :ok_hand_tone1:

                            • Rachel C.

                              I've ordered it already :laughing::relaxed:

                              • Katherine S.

                                Ooh thank you, old bean! xxx

                                • Nicki M.

                                  I have already got it but thanku anyway :wink:

                                  • Kayla E.

                                    :joy::joy::joy: my life lol x

                                    • Lynsay M.

                                      Aww stickers & everything lol x x x

                                      • Cara-Louise M.

                                        I know. Perfect for u :joy: xxx

                                        • Kim S.

                                          Lol I have actually ordered this you know me too well :heart: