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groSleepClock If your little one LOVES waking up at 5am and refuses to accept that it’s NOT time to get up yet, then this Gro-Clock sleep trainer might be able to help you out.

Early morning wake-up calls from wide awake toddlers are NOT fun.

If you have a little early bird who believes sleep is for the weak then you’ll be only to aware of the power of sleep deprivation and fully understand why it's considered to be one of the most effective forms of torture!

All hail, then, the Gro-Clock sleep trainer.

It's very simple and, judging from the hundreds of positive comments from people who already have it, is very effective and can help your young one recognise when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to stay in bed.

The illuminated face displays the moon and stars when it’s night time, with each star going out the closer it gets to morning and the time when they can get up (you can set this to be whichever time you want).

When it’s time to get up the moon and stars is replaced by a wide awake and cheery looking sunshine.

Before you dismiss this as an unnecessary gimick, read this and the other glowing reviews over on Amazon...

"We bought this clock for our son for his birthday, when he turned 3 a month ago. He had been waking at 5.30 - 6.30 wanting to get into our bed or to get us sleeping on the floor in his room.

We showed him the demo of Moon with stars countdown and how "Mr Sunshine" would appear when it was "morning" - we optimistically chose 7am. From the first day it worked - I must say I was amazed, he did wake me at 5.30 to tell me the moon was still there for a couple of days.

But he is now checking before he shouts us in the morning - we hear him stir then go quiet if it's pre-7am, then we are woken with a cheery, "Mummy it's morning - the sunshine is here".

My friend has had similar joy with hers too.

Well worth a try - and the clock is lovely addition to boy or girl's nursery - much nicer than the other "pre-time-telling" clocks available.

I think it would even suit children younger than 3 as it comes with a cute storybook to introduce the idea to them at bedtime."

Thanks to clare1975 at Amazon

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  • Dawn
    My brother bought one of these for my daughters 4th birthday, as she kept waking up about 5.30 but now she does stay in bed and shouts out "its the sun, the suns up mummy!" We even made a sticker chart as extra incentive!

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