Grab Your First Weekend Box For FREE @ Weekend Box Club

Grab Your First Weekend Box For FREE @ Weekend Box Club

If your kids are still off for Easter and the weather is as bad where you are as it's been here in Glasgow, you're probably tearing your hair out or ready to. It can be hard keeping them amused and that's where Weekend Box* comes in.

Like many kids nowadays my daughter has a ton of toys but she still likes nothing better than spending time with me and for us to do things together. I'm a single mum who works full time and it's not always easy to fit everything in, which is why I need to be organised. That's what I like about Weekend Box Club (well one of the things, I'll tell you about the rest later) they send out everything you need on a Friday all ready to enjoy over the weekend.

So what do you get and how much does it cost?

The boxes are full of craft goodies for you and your child to get stuck into and you can check out some typical boxes here*

Your first box will cost zero, zilch, nada, it's completely FREE and if you decide to continue you'll always be billed for each Weekend Box individually, that is £4.95 per fortnight for Mini Boxes (2-activity boxes) or £7.50 per fortnight/month for Bumper (4-activity boxes), depending on the frequency you've chosen. You can cancel at any time or change how often you receive the boxes.

Most children I know adore getting things addressed to them through the post and I do think this is a lovely idea, something kids can look forward to not only completing but receiving too. We all know about Poundland and Home Bargains these days but can that really compete with one of these cute boxes addressed to your child complete with everything you need?

Considering the first box is completely free I'm going to give this a go and see how we get on with it, what about you?


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  • tj13

    brill idea 

    • admin

      Glad you like it tj13 and thanks for letting us know.