Gin Fling Party Game £9.99 (was £17) @ Wowcher

Gin Fling Party Game £9.99 (was £17) @ Wowcher

Forget Beer Pong and Prosecco Pong, there's a new party game in town! Who wants to try the Gin Fling Party Game? If you're quick you can grab one from Wowcher for just £9.99, but the offer ends soon so be hurry!

This is a fab fun party game based on the classic American 'beer pong' only with a gin twist!

The game includes 12 plastic gin glasses and 4 green ping pong balls. You play in teams, taking turns to try and throw your ping pong balls in your opponents' cups. If it goes in they have to drink it!

Wowcher are selling this game for £9.99, that's 40% off the full price of £17, and delivery costs £2.99.


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  • Sara G.

    Yes. So much yes. All of it, in fact.

    • Danielle F.

      I would probably be playing this in my own in Christmas Day.... but I’m okay with that x

      • Hayley G.

        Oh my. I'll provide the pink gin. X

        • Emma A.

          Quite a good price too. Wish I liked gin :grin: xx

          • Yasmin T.

            Let's have our own xmas party with gin pong

            • Louisa F.

              I think I need this in my life! :100:

              • Sandra B.

                Ooh now this looks interesting :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: