Gift House Kids Snug Rug £4.29 @ Amazon

Gift House Kids Snug Rug £4.29 @ Amazon

snugRugI've never seen these before...

So they look like a cross between a dressing gown and a blanket...!  My initial thought was 'what's the point?' but if you think about you get the best of both worlds with this snug rug thingymajig!

If it's cold enough to be tucked up under a blanket but you want to read a book, your arms and shoulders are going to get chilly because they're no longer all wrapped up!

If it's chilly enough to need to wear a dressing gown you're going to have to sit with your legs curled up (and lots of people will tell you this isn't a great way to sit) to keep your feet and ankles warm which isn't comfortable for very long.

So this snug rug doofer is just perfect, even more so if you've got wriggly kids who want to snooze under something warm but are total fidgets whose blankets fall off them every five minutes!

There's not much more I can say about them really - they look cosy, reviews I've read SAY they're cosy and you can have for a snip at £4.29 instead of the usual £14.99 with nothing to pay for delivery as usual with our good friends over at Amazon.

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD


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