FREEBIES: Free Jar Of Marmite (125g) @ Marmite

FREEBIES: Free Jar Of Marmite (125g) @ Marmite

Calling all lovers...of Marmite that is!

If you sign up to join the Marmite lovers forum, you'll be emailed a voucher entitling you to claim a free 125g jar of Marmite.

UPDATE: We've been informed by Marmite that this offer is now closed.

Now I realise that this freebie will be of NO interest to the haters -  of which I am one; I cannot STAND Marmite!

It is vile stuff and quite anyone likes, sorry, LOVES it is beyond me.

Vegemite, the Aussie version, is just as disgusting, as is anything that's had the dark brown stuff anywhere near it.

I had a boyfriend, many years ago, who loved Marmite on toast and thought it was hilarious to chase me around the house in a bid to try and give me Marmite kisses; properly gross!

Now, some people say they had to wait a fair while for their free jar of Marmite voucher to be emailed to them, whilst others got theirs almost straight away.

I'm taking their word for it because, seriously, I'm not sending any of my email addresses anywhere NEAR anything to do with Marmite; yep, I'm a true hater!

Remember to tick and untick the relevant boxes for the things you want/don't want to receive 'exciting information' about too.

Best of luck to you Marmite lovers!

Thanks to mysmith at HUKD


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  • hello25
    I do not believe any one has received a voucher yet. This blog should be removed to stop more people joining up and being in the same position!
    • sarahmac
      HI - several Marmite lovers have received their vouchers.