40+ FREE Library Books For Secondary Schools In England From Booktrust UK

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Booktrust are offering FORTY+ FREE books to secondary schools. We urge you to apply for your school as soon as possible as this scheme is very, very popular according to the website and I would imagine it is, as it's a great offer for schools.

To apply here's what Booktrust stipulate:

The School Library Pack is available free to any secondary school or education provider in England with Year 7 students.

The 2015-16 collection of FREE books won't be announced until September but we know it will be a mixture of Future classics, Reluctant Readers and Short Story Collections. Special schools will be given ones most suited to their needs.

This scheme encourages young readers and gives authors the chance to reach the children they write for. It is useful for broadening the tastes of our young people and urges them to go for a different type of book instead of the usual.

In the last academic year, around 4,700 secondary schools in England registered and received the free School Library Pack. Think how many children that is that have benefited from this generous scheme.

Thanks to holly100 @ HUKD

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