Foldable Children’s Footstool £4.99 @ Half Cost

Half Cost have children’s footstools on offer for £1, with £3.99 delivery, making them £4.99 all in.

My daughter has a step that looks a lot like this, but cost more than double the delivered cost. It’s absolutely brilliant, because it folds flat and lives under the raised kitchen cabinets, but she can pick it up by it’s handle and drag it around the house.  We do a lot of baking together so she uses it to reach the top of the counter, pops it over to the other side of the kitchen to wash her hands, sits on it to help load the dishwasher, then drags it off to the lounge to watch her sister in her Moses basket, and lugs it up the stairs to reach the toilet.

It is a fantastic little contraption and we love ours. This one does have a 50kg weight restriction, so it really is only for children or very, very light adults, and we have on a couple of occasions had issues in setting it up with having her fingers pinched, but she still grabs for it again next time she needs it.

At £1 I’m not sure that it’s the same brand as we have, but at that price, it’s  hard to go wrong (as long as you stay under the weight limit)!

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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