Three Flitter Fairies £15.98 @ The Hut

I had never heard of Flitter Fairies till I came across the deal at HUKD and I am hooked. If they are even half as cool in reality as their promotional video is, then I want some! The Hut has 3 for 2 on Flitter Fairies, which are currently on sale anyway at £7.99 each – 53% off their normal price of £16.99 each.  So you’re getting three for less than you’d normally pay for one. Bargain.

In comparison, they currently range from £13.64 to £35.59 each on Amazon.

So here’s the thing. These look like gorgeous, fantastic, fantasy fun. You ‘guide’ your fairy with a ‘magic wand’ which actually has a bit of almost invisible string   - Pixie Silk, it’s called – attached to it and the fairy, a bit like a marionette, by the sounds of it.

It also comes with a hairclip you can attach the fairy to, and a story booklet.

While folk over on HUKD were quite happy about the price, reviews (on Amazon) were across the board really bad, so I’m not sure which way to lean on these.

If they’re anything like what the trailer (on The Hut’s website) says they are though, I think they’re gorgeous.

Thanks to SeeBell at HUKD

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