Flamingo Inflatable Ice Bucket £6 (was £12) @ The Works

Flamingo Inflatable Ice Bucket £6

Looking to add some flamingo magic to your party or barbecue? This Flamingo Ice Bucket should do the trick, and it's now half price at The Works. It was selling for £12 and is now down to just £6.

It's an inflatable ice bucket with a pink flamingo design that will be a perfect addition to a summer party. Just blow it up, pop in some ice and then it can keep your bottles and cans nicely chilled until it's time to drink them.

If you need some more flamingo magic in your life The Works have lots more flamingo* bargains from just £1.

Click and collect is free, home delivery costs £2.99 or is free on orders of £20 or more.


  • Emily H.

    ...could replace the palm tree :kissing_heart:

  • Jenni M.

    I feel I need this for the next party :joy:

    • Scarlett M.

      Absolutely! With the amount we have we'll need a few :see_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xx

  • Fiona L.

    Ha ha need this in my life although am banned from buying anymore.......well rules are meant to b broken!!! :wink:

  • Kate E.

    That's is fab :heart_eyes: ha ha I'll have a wildlife park soon x

  • Leah G.

    :joy::joy::joy: I surely need this too :joy::joy::joy:

  • Saoirse H.

    Don't encourage her she doesn't need anymore garden stuff:joy::sob:

  • Alice M.

    Imagine the sentence 'help yourself to a drink, they are inside the mingo!'

  • Annette H.

    Pahaha 'much needed'

  • Charlotte M.

    Omg I ACTUALLY NEED THIS! :heart_eyes:

  • Amy S.

    Next work party :smirk::smirk::smirk:

  • Lorner M.

    Hehehe how many bottles does it fit!! Xx

  • Paula W.

    Was just think the same Goes with your inflatable x

  • Georgina H.

    It's a bargain! Buy it :smile: xx

  • Sam M.

    Oh yeah for the hot tub to go with my little ones

  • Rochelle H.

    :heart_eyes: a think a need this lol xxx

  • Jacqueline J.

    Think I need to get 1

  • Pippa C.

    Oh dear!! They are stalking you

  • Claire M.

    They are EVERYWHERE!! :flushed::smiley: x

  • Stevie C.

    Everyone is a winner with that bad boy!! :grinning:xxx

  • Karen M.

    I was on about one of these with bry they had them in home bargains last year :see_no_evil:x

  • Amber L.

    That looks brilliant, I have not got it but going to have a look :heart_eyes::heartpulse:thanks Hun x

  • Emma S.

    Totally need :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Emma S.

    I'm on an ordering ban though :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:

  • Ainsley M.

    Nah, this shall be for garden parties!

  • Will R.

    We need 1 of these for our next BBQ that needs a date sorted for!

  • Aimee W.

    Doesn't look very big! They're bottles of beer prosecco are bigger! Would get 3 bottles in I reckon so would Be ok for a night :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Mark S.

    i think you have a problem lol

  • Victoria W.

    Need to organise a party do I can have these x

  • Nicola A.

    It's still double the amount of fixing to get a new one :rolling_eyes: maybe we don't need milk or yoghurts!!

  • Shannon S.

    Haha there's always so little in our fridge i think we could make do with a mini one :joy::joy:

  • Georgia D.

    To match my cup holder :p

  • Elle K.

    I want a flamingo themed chill room September :grinning:

  • Samm B.

    Think I need to go to the works !!

  • Marion P.

    How very practical. I need one.

  • Danny B.

    For your hot tub area, yeah

  • Claire M.

    Me and my flamingos!!!! We should have had this for the baby pool!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::beer:

  • Zoe E.

    Ohh yes definitely thats fab xxx

  • Lisa M.

    That's fab!!!! Def need it xx

  • Karen B.

    I would like this

  • Andrea H.

    we need this for the next bbq/party haha! ill show sarah when shes awake lol

    • Kirstin C.

      This is a must!:joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Bec H.

    how bout this to go with the lights? :smirk:

  • Emma-Jayne H.

    for next weekend :joy::joy:

    • Ste H.

      I will get an ice bucket from work your ok lol

    • Emma-Jayne H.

      Lol mum was using the paddling pool :smirk:

  • Karina B.

    I definitely do gonna see if I can get it before we go lol xxx

  • Sian C.

    matching ice bucket? Xxx

  • Shari N.

    Ooh! Have you ever ordered from these guys?

  • Su B.

    I've bought from their shop in Woolwich, check this link to see the nearest store, or order online. https://www.theworks.co.uk/

  • Tracy L.

    Oh my days these are fast becoming my favourite bird lol xxx

  • Rachel A.

    I can see a theme for the next BBQ x

  • Tracy L.

    Me too ill be lieing in tge big one drinking from the little one and chilling drinks in this one lol xxx

  • Heather D.

    Beautifully tacky!!!!! Haha!!

  • Matthew K.

    this im afraid is not happening, ever!!!!

  • Emily W.

    Sweet Jesus I want one for the garden!

  • June R.

    Haha - not ordered my outside flamingos yet. In my admin list for sat am

  • Linda T.

    :joy: if this weather keeps up it will float away .where can I get the small ones will be handy for the hot tub :smiley:xx

  • Dawn C.

    Oooooo I love this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Julie B.

    Oh my god! I NEED this!!!!!!!! :scream::heart: x

  • Sophie L.

    Iv got us the cup holders already :joy:

  • Toni A.

    Definetly!! For all these bbqs we have in this lovely weather :rolling_eyes: maybe I'll get it for next Summer x

  • Emma L.

    lol I would actually use that! Xx

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