Five Things To Do With The Kids Indoors

Inspiration for families during the school shutdown and social distancing
Five Things To Do With The Kids Indoors

You know it's just your luck as soon as the kids aren't at school, the weather changes for the worse so you can't even use the garden, and not everyone has an outdoor space they can use while social distancing. There's ways to stop you all from getting cabin fever. Just read our Five Things To Do With The Kids Indoors below.

1. Arts and Crafts:

This might seem blatantly obvious as we have all pulled out the colouring books and felt tips before. However, this is about so much more, like making melon seed necklaces or salt dough models. If you don't have any ideas then buy cheap kits like these Paint Your Own Flowerpots* set from Amazon. Store them in a cupboard and pull them out when you need a fun activity. Or check out how to make no cook, two ingredients play dough, here.

2. Science/Food Experiments:

Remember, all those little experiments you did at school like making makeshift volcanoes erupt with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar? Kids LOVE those! My favourites that we have done with food was making a marshmallow go HUGE in the microwave, and the coloured milk taste test. The milk test is when you add drops of colouring and flavouring into different glasses of milk and see if anyone can guess correctly. What the mind sees can sometimes trick the taste buds. It's fun and can be very educational for the kids too.

3. Baking/Cooking:

Again, this might be on your motherly/fatherly duties list but seriously, make meringues, traybakes or cupcakes. Or how about getting the kids to cook dinner? Explain what to do and supervise, you'll be amazed at how they will scoff whatever they have made with their own fair hands. I always keep a couple of bread mixes in as the kids like baking bread and will eat it until it's all gone. Hobbycraft* and Lakeland*are brilliant for those "baking with kids" items. Do something a bit different and make fudge or marshmallows, just be careful about hot sugar though! Indoor picnics are pretty awesome too, get the kids to make the sarnies.

4. Watch films:

Don't stick Frozen on for the ten trillionth time. Use Netflix* and You Tube to show the kids your favourites from when you were a kid. Ghostbusters, Ace Ventura...the list goes on. Why not stock up on them now? Amazon* are great for those 80's/90's family films. Just wait and see how much they enjoy those movies that made you giggle.

5. Play games:

Sometimes a rainy day is a blessing in disguise. You now have the chance to spend one on one (or however many children you have) time with your kids. Quality, unspoiled nonsense. Get stuck under the dining table playing hide and seek, roll about the floor until someone pukes or pees, the kids will love seeing mummy and daddy's inner child coming out. Grab something like this Pop up Tunnel*, the kids will not be able to control themselves as you get your fat butt wedged halfway in.

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