Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks £9.97 @ Amazon

Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks £9.97 @ Amazon

I love stacking toys and, for the time being at least, Amazon are selling these Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks for £9.97 - they're usual retail price is £21.99.

Stacking blocks like these Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks  aren't just for fun, they're fabulous for developing fine motor skills and these particular ones also allow for the discovery of cause and effect.

Not just 'if you don't stack your Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks just right then they'll fall down' cause and effect, but the effect of engaging with each activity that the individual blocks have.

The activities include a spinning wheel on one, beads on another and one block has a sliding door. each block also has it's own smiling character on the top.

Colour recognition and learning, along with counting from one to three and A, B, C can be taught with these Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks.

See? A whole lot more than just stacking fun for littlies aged six months and over.

Delivery of your Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks will be free if you choose Amazon's SuperSaver delivery option.

Happy stacking!


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