Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty £20 @ Tesco Direct

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty £20 @ Tesco Direct

If you're about to start potty training, or are struggling with your little one, then many people have had success with a fun themed potty, and this Thomas & Friends one is on offer at Tesco Direct.

The Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty is usually £30 but Tesco have it for £20, which is by far the best price around right now.

This isn't just your bog standard potty, but has tons of special features and fun sounds, songs and more to encourage your little one to use it.

As well as the fun design that makes it look like Thomas with his picture on the lift up lid, the bets bit is that it has a built-it sensor so that when your child manages to go on the potty they are rewarded with train sounds and the Thomas theme tune!

It's a three-in-one system so it is a potty, then a trainer seat to use on the toilet, and a stop stool as well so that they can use it to step up to the toilet or reach the sink to wash their hands.

The bowl in the middle can be taken out separately to make emptying and cleaning easier.

Whether this will work for your little one is not guaranteed, but if you are struggling with a regular potty and are looking for a new approach then this one may be worth a try. The reviews are really encouraging, and while it's more than a plain potty, if it helps your child crack this tricky milestone then it could be worth every penny.

Click and collect costs £2 on orders under £30 or is free if your spend more, or home delivery is £3.

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  • Ellen G.

    My son used his to store trains. I'd buy a cheap ikea one next time!!

    • Fliss S.

      It's so cute!!!

      • Jodie H.

        Haha he might actually sit on that one xx

        • Kerry D.

          Great thanks xxxxx

          • Claire W.

            , maybe worth a shot?! Cx

            • Emily T.

              I think it might just be :laughing: xX

            • Laura O.

              This isn't great! Only plays the tune occasionally and also it's not water tight so have to take it all apart to clean every section every time he uses it caus he's not great at aiming - like most potty training boys

              • Siobhan G.

                Might be worth a shot at this point!!

                • Hayley M.

                  music has never worked on mine and it wasn't cheap to buy

                  • Victoria T.

                    Love this, they're £20 in tesco at the moment :grimacing:

                    • Shannon C.

                      Oooo thanks babe xx

                      • Delaynie B.

                        Arthur will be potty trained before you know it with this

                        • Donna L.

                          Our son loves it but as others have said it hardly ever does the tune when it's used. It does randomly okay the tune over and over late at night though...hours after the kids go to bed which is good fun!

                          • Cath M.

                            I'm getting him this for Xmas

                            • Sarah H.

                              its on offer!!! Xxx

                              • Karen M.

                                Ordered it! Thanks for spotting it xx

                                • Sarah H.

                                  Haha!!! Usefull having all these pages every now n then xxx

                                • Jess H.

                                  tommy would love this x

                                  • Darryl H.

                                    He probz wouldnt use it lol just be like choo choo haha

                                  • Sam S.

                                    sure little man would love learning on this xx

                                    • Fran H.

                                      That's brilliant definitely have to get him this xxx

                                    • Becki K.

                                      Wow I'm definitely looking at this!! Xx