Fireman Sam Luggage Set £16 @ Tesco

Fireman Sam Luggage Set £16 @ Tesco

If you're after a little luggage set for a young lad in your family then you might want to pop over to Tesco and take a look at the Fireman Sam luggage set they're selling for £16, rather than £20.

My daughter needs a new bag for school, she's only got 13 weeks before she goes on study leave and was NOT impressed when I suggested this Fireman Sam luggage set to her, "...then your younger brother can have it after you've finished school!"  She said I wasn't funny, I thought it was a genius idea.

So the Fireman Sam luggage set has four pieces to it - a wheeled suitcase with a pull-up handle, a back pack, a drawstring sports/swim kit bag type thing (you know what I mean) and a wallet as well.

Each piece is, of course, adorned with Fireman Sam pictures and are very handy for little people going away to stay with grandparents for weekends OR for storing bits and pieces in - my youngest has a Thomas the Tank Engine wheeled suitcase and he keeps all of his Bionicles sets in it.

If you want to pay an extra £5 for home delivery then go ahead, personally I'd arrange to collect my Fireman Sam luggage set in-store for freeee.

Thanks to adslis at HUKD


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