Fill N Squeeze Starter Pack: Baby Food Pouch Filler & Squeezee Pouches £10 @ Tesco Direct

fill n squeeze

Do you use Ella's Kitchen Pouches and the likes? They don't come cheap but are super handy for feeding baby when out and about. The thing is not everyone wants to feed their babies mass produced food, but would rather give their home cooked food. The Fill N Squeeze system gives you the best of both worlds. Tesco Direct have reduced the Fill N Squeeze Starter Pack to just £10 and it's in Clubcard Boost. That means that you could get it for just £5 in Clubcard Vouchers.

The Fill N Squeeze Starter Pack contains a 500ml pouch filler jug, a convertible plunger/masher, FIVE 150ml reusable pouches and a jug cap. Everything you need to make up your own little food pouches.

If you think this would be messy or a faff then read the reviews. The set didn't get a 4.7 star rating for nothing. It's a good price at £10 and you will make your money back easily when you think how much you spend on supermarket bought baby food pouches.

These are ideal if your baby suffers from allergies. It puts you in control of what your baby is eating.

You can Click and Collect the Fill N Squeeze Starter Pack for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.

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