Everythings Rose Jigsaw Puzzle £2.95 @ Amazon

Everythings Rose Jigsaw Puzzle £2.95 @ Amazon

If you have an Everything's Rosie fan in your family and you nip over to Amazon quickly, you'll be able to pick up an Everything's Rosie 10-in-a-box jigsaw puzzle for £2.95 instead of £9.99.

After a little bit of investigating this morning, I've discovered that Rosie is a ragdoll who lives in a tree house and goes on all sorts of adventures with her friends and learn about friendship along the way - how lovely, I'm sure if my daughter was the target age, instead of being almost 17, Everything's Rosie is something she would have liked.

What I like are jigsaw puzzles.  Actually I don't like them, I  LOVE them!  They are simply fantastic and develop key skills in our children without them even realising it.

Sorting the corners from the edges and the middle pieces, then putting everything together to form the pictures all require the use, and promote the development, of pattern recognition, problem solving and fine motor skills - let alone the feeling of absolute satisfaction when the final piece of the puzzle fits into place.

There are 10 little Everything's Rosie puzzles to complete that all fit together to form a larger picture - the picture makes that make sense!

All the usual Amazon delivery options apply - fingers crossed they leave the price alone for a while so you can grab this rather cute little puzzle for a decent price.

Thanks to dudebar at HUKD


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