Essentials For Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer From Only £2.49 @ B&M

Essentials For Keeping Your Pet Cool

Whilst most of us have been basking in the recent heatwave it's not all fun and games for our pets. I know my dog really struggles in the warmer weather so we have invested in several items to ensure she keeps nice and cool in the Summer.

B&M have a wide range of essentials to keep your pet cool during the hot weather all at bargain prices so be sure to take a look.

I swear by Cooling Toys for my dog to play with such as these Chill Out Ice Cream Cooling Toys* for just £2.49. This works by keeping your dog hydrated, soak the toy in water and pop it in the freezer to give your dog a cooling treat at play time!

A Cooling Mat is also a great idea, I have this Large Pet Cooling Mat* for my dog and she loves it on a hot day! The mat is filled with a safe, non-toxic gel that starts cooler than room temperature, and helps cool your pet down. I put mine inside my dog's bed. There are other sizes available depending on the size of your pet, this version is a large and is priced at only £9.99. Or opt for the smaller size* for only £4.99.

How about a cooling vest for your dog? This Pet Cooling Vest* is a bargain at only £3.99! Many other places start from around £20+! Just soak the vest in water, wring it out and put it on your pet to cool them.It is available in either blue, purple or pink.

These items are available in store only so head on down to your nearest B&M to check them out.

Don’t forget that in hot weather a dog’s body temperature can rise to dangerous levels very quickly, always remember to watch your dogs in hot weather and never leave them alone in a car. Keep them hydrated by offering water regularly and check the pavements aren't too hot for their paws.

With all these handy cooling items for your pet I am sure they will stay nice and cool during the Summer.


  • Debbie H.

    I bought the large cool mat for my German Shepherd and it's been brilliant. Would recommend it.

  • Michele D.

    . Frankie could of done with these at the weekend lol x

  • Ashley M.

    Oh that’s clever :thumbsup_tone3:

  • Kitrina S.

    I have the cooling bandanas for them but it's an actual nightmare trying to get the cooling stuff. I phoned every b&m in Edinburgh last week for the cooling bandanas & I ended up have to go to two different shops for them.

  • Debbie M.

    Aw what a drama....I wouldn’t bother then lol xxx

  • Michelle M.

    Might try the harness as the mats are great x

  • Laura J.

    And the jacket for jack :joy: xx

  • Jade K.

    Daisy can’t go out without one on xx

  • Katie J.

    I like this, trip there tomorrow lol x

  • Sam C.

    Will be visiting for these ta xx

  • Emily-Ann L.

    Already got a cooling mat for him might have to get some of the toys though!:see_no_evil:

  • Lauren P.

    Ooooh I looked at them last year and it was as the weather was getting better! I’ll have to get one, luckily his room is the coolest in the house but it still does get warm in the summer x

  • Kim L.

    That’s a great idea! Il go have a look for one of those! Thanks mate xx

  • Kim L.

    That’s a great idea! Il go have a look for one of those! Thanks mate xx

  • Amber-Mae H.

    That’s the mat jovi ate:joy:x

  • Christine W.

    I really want one for Scooby. B&M here i come. Xx

  • Davena T.

    Look at you, looking out for your favourite pooch :joy: You love her

  • Jb B.

    Ahhhhhhhh I need xxxxxxxxx

  • Susan W.

    I got the mats they are good

  • Emma B.

    they had loads over the weekend, I got the rabbit one, they’re actually really good xx

  • Clare C.

    I defo need a few ov theses for my fur babies x

  • Lauren-Jade F.

    She’s got the mat & the toy just waiting for the vest to come back in stock! Thanks!:feet:

  • Hannah S.

    Yeah this is what I wanted x

  • Sarah L.

    Aw they’re fab! Woody probably would love the cool mat!

  • Karen G.

    will have a look on Friday x

  • Claire S.

    Might have to pay b&m a visit xx

  • Biianka J.

    Ha.... I was trying to find these! Going to grab one! X

  • Sarian G.

    Ooooo will have a look. Thank you x

  • Amanda B.

    Kitchen floor and iceblock work fine for carly... :joy:

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