ELC Hop Along Reindeer was £20, now £10 @ Tesco

ELC Hop Along Reindeer was £20, now £10 @ Tesco


I don't know how I missed this one, but Tesco have reduced the ELC Hop Along Reindeer from £20 to just £10. How amazing does this look? The other Hop Along animals are still £20 so this one is a bit of a Christmas Bargain.

It looks like it works a bit like a Space Hopper - you blow it up with a pump, and your toddler can bounce around on it, holding on to the antlers for support. With the shape of it, the Hop Along Reindeer looks like it will be easier to stay on top of than a Space Hopper, which is just as well for young children who fall over with very little encouragement anyway.

To store it away you can just deflate it, it's fine for both outdoor and indoor use, and it's suitable from 12 months of age. Looks like great fun doesn't it?

If you prefer you can also get the Hop Along Reindeer direct from ELC for the same price, and both stores offer free click and collect.

Thanks to kurstywursty @HUKD.


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