ELC Hidey House £5 @ Mothercare

The Hidey House game from ELC at Mothercare is half price in their current sale, selling for £5 instead of £10.

This seems to be a childs take on battleships - does anyone remember that game? Does it still exist?

In Hidey House, two players try to guess where the other player has hidden their items in their house in this plotting game.

You place your items in your house board and choose a room and number to see if the other player has an item there in that room: if you find a piece, you keep it.

Mark places where you have found things with a green face and places where you have not with a red face to remind yourself.  The game is ideal for children because it's not hugely drawn out: there are four pieces to find, and the first person to find all four pieces wins.

The game comes with a game board, eight game pieces, and 32 markers. It is apparently great for hand-to-eye coordination and thinking skills, as well as social and communication skills

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