Early Learning Centre Castle Of Courage £30 @ Mothercare

24 February 2011

earlyLearningCentreCastleOfCourage Those lovely folks at Mothercare have cut the price of this Early Learning Centre Castle of Courage in half, reducing it from £60 to £30.

This Early Learning Centre Castle of Courage looks rather fun to me and, once again, I'm locking my bank cards AWAY as my youngest is currently in full castle and medieval knights mode - he's learning about them in school you see, and he plays 'Crash the Castle' with his older brother on the computer.

The Castle of Courage is a slot-together wooden castle which features towers, a roll down drawbridge and battlements to battle on.

It has realistic wall scenery inside and out, has obligatory flags and roaring fires - let's face it, no castle would be complete without flags and roaring fired.

Not only that there are swords and other details, knights in shining armour I imagine, which will excite and inspire young imaginations to create some thrilling (and probably pretty blood-thirsty) medieval adventures.

There is also a range of Early Learning Centre Castle of Courage knights and accessories which you can buy separately should you want to create a knight army.

The Castle of Courage is available for both instore collection or home delivery.

Thanks to samuelsmommy at HUKD

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