Early Learning Centre Bugs Building Game £5 @ Amazon

28 February 2012

This little Early Learning Centre Bugs Building game looks rather cute and fun - Amazon are selling it for £5 just now, rather than its usual £10.

Essentially this Early Learning Centre Bugs Building game looks a little bit like Jenga, with a twist, for little ones. My teenagers loved playing Jenga when they were little and my youngest does too.

Plain wooden blocks are a bit boring though and playing with the Early Learning Centre Bugs Building game opens up the opportunity for colour recognition skills to be developed, along with fine motor skills; throw in some nerves and the anticipation of making the tower of bugs fall and you have a game that's a winner.

So, you stack the three different coloured bug blocks in rows of three, then throw the dice to find out which coloured bug block you have to remove from the tower - see, just like Jenga but with  a bit of a difference.

You could of course do lots of other things with the bugs - sort them into colours, count how many of each colour there are, build them into other things, see how many you can stack one on top of the other before they all fall down etc.

I love games/toys like this Early Learning Centre Bugs Building game - plenty of cheap fun, can be played with with others or on your own and not a battery, flashing light, bell or whistle in sight; awesome.

Happy bug building!

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