Disney x Cath Kidston Sneak Peek

Disney x Cath Kidston Sneak Peek

We already told you about the new Disney x Cath Kidston collaboration when it was announced, and now we have been able to get a sneak peek at the new range! Want to see exactly what you can get? Read on for the pics and prices!

The new prints feature favourite Disney characters with classic Cath Kidston prints and the whole collection looks absolutely beautiful!

Although there will be lots of Disney Characters included in the new collaboration, the first prints will feature Winnie The Pooh and friends, and these will be available online and in stores from 26th September.

Here's some of what will be available in the first collection featuring Winnie the Pooh, including Bags, Fashion, Baby and more.

Have a good look and we would love to know what you think. What's your favourite, and what's going on your Christmas list?

There will be lots more coming and we know that the Mickey and Minnie range will be due out on 5th December too. We'll bring you more on that as soon as we have it!

Can't wait for your Cath Kidston fix? Check out the Final Sale Reductions here*.

  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Classic Box Cosmetic Bag, £12
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Luggage Tag, £5
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Zip Purse, £6
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Classic Box Wash Bag, £18
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Passport Holder, £8
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Classic Box Make-up Case, £10
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Ticket Holder, £6

  • Balloon Spot Breakfast Cup & Saucer, £16
  • Balloon Spot Cereal Bowl, £8.50
  • Balloon Spot Plate, £7
  • Balloon Spot Mug, £8.50

  • Balloon Spot Set of Two Tea Towels, £12
  • Balloon Spot Apron, £20
  • Balloon Spot Cushion, £15
  • Balloon Spot Double Oven Glove, £14

  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Pyjama Set, £40
  • A Day in the Hundred Acre Wood Placement Sweat, £35
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Bedsocks, £8
  • A Day in the Hundred Acre Wood Flannel Pyjama Set, £50

  • Balloon Spot Skirt, £40
  • Balloon Spot Short Sleeve Dress, £75
  • Balloon Spot Foldaway Overnight Bag, £40
  • Balloon Spot Mini Reversible Messenger Bag, £35

  • Balloon Spot Bookbag, £18
  • Balloon Spot Open Carryall, £28

  • A Day in the Hundred Acre Wood Kids Nightie, £20
  • Balloon Spot Melamine Beaker, £4
  • A Day in the Hundred Acre Wood Kids Pyjamas, £20
  • Balloon Spot Melamine Food Tray, £6
  • Balloon Spot Melamine Nursery Set, £14

  • Balloon Spot New Baby Long Sleeve Wrap Bodysuit, £18
  • Balloon Spot New Baby Pram Blanket and Rattle, £20
  • Balloon Spot New Baby Wrap Onesie, £14
  • Balloon Spot Sleepsuit New Baby Gift Set, £30

  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Kids Double Zip Pencil Case, £8
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Kids Medium Backpack, £25
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Kids Mini Rucksack, £16
  • Bramley Sprig and Friends Mini Zip Bag with Purse, £14

Click here to sign up to the Disney x Cath Kidston Priority Mailing List*

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    Thanks! Lots of bits on there I've not seen yet. So cute! X

  • Fiona P.

    Gosh I sense I'm going to be losing some money come September!

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    Omg some of the stuff is adorable :weary:

  • Emily M.

    The oven gloves and the apron!!

  • Kelly W.

    Love love love these I definitely will be treating self to some of these x

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    OMG I'm so excited!!!!

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  • Paula G.

    this is all amazing xx

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