Disney Princess 2-in-1 Night Light £12.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Disney Princess 2-in-1 night light and torch for £12.99, instead of its full £21.99 price.

Being scared of the dark, or not being able to find your way around a strange place in the dark, when you're little is just horrible.

I was scared of the dark when I was small and I dreaded my mum coming to bed, turning the landing light off and plunging the rest of the house into darkness.

I was allowed to keep my bedroom light on, very dim, but everywhere else was dark; I couldn't see what might be lurking in it and that was utterly terrifying.

I didn't want/need lighting on a scale of the Blackpool illuminations, but a little bit of a glow somewhere would have been nice; just so there wasn't total darkness.

This Disney Princess 2-in-1 night light and torch would have been just perfect for me back then - when it's pointing down on its stand it's a lovely night light; if you need to get up in the night and all the lights are off, simply pick it up and it becomes a torch.

It's suitable for for youngsters aged two and over - from when fear of the dark tends to kick in - and has a rechargeable battery and low-voltage transformer so you don't have to worry about taking out a small mortgage to cover battery costs.

The Disney Princess 2-in-1 night light and torch is available for both free in-store collection and paid for home delivery.

Thanks to xxsammie1 at HUKD

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