Disney Cars Steering Wheel £10.20 @ Wilkinsons

disneyCarsSteeringWheel Wilkinsons are selling this Disney Cars Steering Wheel for half-price - £10.20 instead of £20.10 (the discount is applied and the price adjusted at checkout).

Amazon are currently selling this Disney Car Steering Wheel for £19.98 so if this is something you'd consider buying, Wilkinsons is the place to get it from just now.

The new Cars movie is due for release soon - the originally titled 2Cars 2' - and will feature everyone's favourite characters, along with some new ones.

I was listening to the radio the other day and apparently Disney Cars franchise has THE highest grossing movie merchandising ever - I think the advertising exec' dude said it currently netted them in excess of SIX BILLION DOLLARS!

Anyway, back to the Disney Cars Steering Wheel - it's Lightning McQueen's steering wheel and has movement sensor features.

If you want to drive fast, pull the steering wheel down. To brake, you must pull it up.  When you turn the wheel right and left the steering wheel will make real car sounds.

Along with the all-important car sounds are the, ubiquitous, flashing lights and car horn too - just to drive your parental senses mad (hahaa, 'drive' your parental senses mad...sorry, I couldn't resist!) and the three AA batteries it needs are also included.

You can collect your Disney Cars Steering Wheel for free from a Wilkinsons store four days after you've placed your order, or you can pay £4.95 for it to be delivered to your door.

Thanks to kaysam at HUKD

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