Cybermummy Freebies For Me!

4 July 2010


Yesterday, Tamsin and I attended the first ever Cybermummy conference in London.

Being PlayPennies, we all love freebies and the Cybermummy conference was astounding for them. I wanted to share a picture of the loot that I got. Click the image above to see what I received! There were loads of reps giving out all the useful freebies that I am using every day - from Huggies to Tommee Tippee, so these items will gladly be used in my house. I had to fly home to Belfast shortly after the conference so I actually had to purchased an extra holdall to check in on the plane, just to get my freebies home with me!

Apart from all the excellent loot, we got to meet some lovely UK mummy bloggers and put faces to the names we've been seeing online. We met the authors from blottedcopybook, violetposy, familyfriendlyworking, nurturestore, and loads more.

We also heard some of the mummies read out blog posts, and there wasn't a dry eye in the oestrogen-filled room. The conference staff had strategically placed tissues on the tables beforehand, anticipating the tears to come! Definitely get Kleenex to sponsor the event next year!

So if any mummy bloggers are reading this and weren't able to attend cybermummy this year, you really should next year - it was fab!


  • Luschka C.
    Agreed! It was such a fantastic day!and I loved seeing and chatting to Tamsin too!
  • Vonnie
    It was really lovely to meet you! x
  • Antonia C.
    Yes - great day - possibly too many freebies to carry home - and lovely to put a face to a name! Antonia
  • Slummy M.
    The freebies were bonkers weren't they?? I had to get a man to help me off the train with my sack load of cotton wool an dettol wipes :-)
  • Emma K.
    LOL @ Slummy, and yes, great to meet you guys!!
  • Tamsin O.
    I managed to whack the heads of who knows how many innocent passengers as I scrambled on and off the tube and the train. HAHAHA. I shared my loot with Sarah and she was rather stunned. Although we laughed our heads off at Emma's photo. Not a fan of that smelly tea-tree cream though. URGH @ Luschka It was lovely to see you too my honey! Your daughter is beautiful.
  • bubbleboo B.
    It was fab, I loved it! And it was great to meet up with you guys and all the other brilliant bloggers out there! Oh, and it was awesome to thank you in person for the lovely write-up you gave my blog a while back, too :D
  • More C.
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