Crufts Cooling Dog Collars From £2.99 @ Groupon

Crufts Cooling Dog Collars From £2.99

I have bought a cooling mat for my dog to use during the heatwave, she loves it. However she also loves laying out in the sunshine too! So I bought her a cooling vest which she hates as she doesn't like wearing anything.

However I spotted this Crufts Cooling Dog Collar which seems like a great idea and a bargain too!

There's up to 84% off these cooling collars, prices start from £2.99 for a small, £3.98 for a medium and £4.99 for a large. You can save more money by buying more, you can add one, two or three to your order at a reduced rate.

These collars are perfect for keeping dogs cool in the hot weather. They are filled with a gel that stays cooler than body temperature meaning that they will always stay cool without the need of freezing them.

The three sizes measure:

  • Small: 15cm-30cm
  • Medium: 25cm-45cm
  • Large: 45cm-65cm

Home delivery is £1.99.


  • Heidi G.

    Looks good, I ordered him a cooling mat x

  • Annemarie C.

    I got Harley the bandana one there good he's kept cool and no been panting x

  • Annemarie C.

    Aye Harleys been great too he loves wearing it worth the money as he was struggling in the heat x

  • Jennifer F.

    Never mind the dug i want 1 :joy::joy::joy:

  • Karen M.

    They look good. He's been gr8 with bandana and I'm thinking of the coat too

  • Geraldine C.

    I’m on this, just ordered some x

  • Craig Q.

    keep the wee boy cool :sunglasses:

  • Alyson Q.

    Feeling cool and looking cool :sunglasses::sunglasses:

  • Karen W.

    Aye I've heard about these! Need to get one in

  • Vicky B.

    He will probably hate that too but he’s getting one

  • Mau M.

    don't think Mia would like as she doesn't like a collar xx

  • Joanne C.

    Knowing my luck I’d buy one and it will start pissing it down :joy:

  • Lynn A.

    She defo needs something like this

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