Crayola Safety Scissors (2 Pack) £1.29 @ Amazon

A kid with a pair of scissors is a happy thing but it's also a sight to strike terror into scissors the heart of many a parent. Impromptu toddler haircuts anyone? But these safety scissors from Crayola are brilliant - perfect for cutting up paper but not enough to do any real damage.

They're suitable for children aged 3 and above and you get two pairs of scissors in this pack. At £1.29 this item is a real bargain but be careful as it's also listed at £4.79 elsewhere at Amazon.

Crayola is a much-loved and trusted brand and there are lots of other arts and crafts products available at Amazon. My kids are rarely happier than when allowed to get snip-happy with their safety scissors and a pile of old newspapers. Add some glue and some brightly coloured paper to your basket and you'll have hours of fun for the next rainy day.

With thanks to leeds_united_afc at HUKD

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