Complaints Over Disney Spoof Bra Advert Aired on Kids TV

triumph ad pm

The lingerie company Triumph have made a two minute long new TV ad that spoofs Disney musicals like Frozen. Doesn't sound like an issue so far, does it? However the ad was shown on kids TV channel  Cartoon Network, before the watershed, and there have been complaints that it is "highly inappropriate" and even "offensive".

It shows animated women bursting into song in an underwear store, trying to "Find the one" ideal bra, and right at the end of the ad there is a shot of an underwear model in a bra.

They haven't exactly been inundated by complaints, but for someone to take the time and effort to contact the Advertising Standards Agency they obviously have very strong feelings on the matter.

Is it offensive and inappropriate to advertise underwear on a children's TV channel? Or do you think it's a funny and clever ad campaign?

The advert is over on our Facebook page, so you can take a look for yourselves. We would love to hear what you think about it.

What do you think?

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