Collins Children's Map Of The World £2.99 @ Amazon

3 November 2012

Amazon are selling this fabulous Collins Children's Map of the World for just £2.99, rather than almost double that at £4.99.

I always loved looking at maps when I was little, it always seemed so amazing to me that there were so many other people living in countries so far away - everywhere else always sounded so 'exotic'.

I rescued a set of first edition Collins Encyclopedias years ago; the first book was printed in 1898, with the other volumes following on later, and the maps they all contain are fascinating - country names are different, whom some of them belong to is, now, very much out of date.

My youngest son has a world map on his bedroom wall - with family scattered around the world, it helps him to 'see' where everyone is and get a handle on how BIG the world is:  if it takes so and so this many hours to fly a few centimeters across the map then it's a REALLY long way away.

This Collins Children's Map of the World comes with a set of stickers to stick on, and features all sorts of interesting facts about the countries of the world - I just love it and think every child should have a map of the world on their bedroom wall.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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