Chokablok Ice Cream £1.99 @ Tesco

Chokablok Ice Cream £1.99 @ Tesco


Chokablok ice cream is a new luxury ice cream with five scrummy flavours and it is currently on sale until Sunday 26 June for only £1.99 a tub instead of the usual £3.99. While we are not having the kind of summer to encourage ice cream just yet, this is too delicious to ignore.

Chokablok ice cream comes in five luxury flavours and was designed by an expert team of master cremeliers with 100 years of experience between them. It is made from real chocolate, whole milk, double cream and free –range eggs. In short, it is sinful and yummy.

The flavours include Cookie Dough Mon-Star with choc chip cookie dough chunks and real chocolate stars in sweet caramel sauce. Billionaires Shortcake has chewy caramel fudge, chocolate covered shortcake and swirls of caramel sauce.

The Chocolate Extremis is a rich combination of chocolate ice cream, real chocolate covered malty balls, gooey brownie pieces and chocolate sauce. One bite of that and your inner chocolate monster will be in heaven. Cherry Bomb Brownie is a mixture of cherry ice cream, chewy cherries, gooey chocolate brownies and chocolate flakes with cherry sauce. And finally, Gold Digger Dynamite has caramel and vanilla ice cream, with honeycomb chunks, caramel cups and caramel sauce.

Evil and delicious.  


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  • Sarah M.
    I'd seen this in my local Tesco and had resisted buying any. I was feeling smug due to my, clearly, incredible willpower until I read about the Cherry one. You KNOW I find it almost impossible to resist anything with cherries and chocolate!!!! (You're just trying to make me fat aren't you!) I went to Tesco yesterday with the absolute intention of buying some Cherry Bomb Brownie - lucky for me everyone else clearly thinks it sounds YUM too, as they'd sold OUT. I was saved! I declare all ice cream posts 'illegal' from this moment forward ;)
    • Lynley O.
      ha ha like a tub of cherry ice cream will make you fat! There isn't an inch of fat on you - it's going to take a LOT of cherry ice cream!