Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £6.49 @ Argos

Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £6.49

This looks like a huge amount of art supplies in this mega art set, and it's a super price as well! The Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set is down to just £6.49 at Argos and it has enough paints, pens, pencils and more to keep budding artists happy for ages!

There's 250 pieces of art supplies in the set which comes in it's own carry case to keep everything organised. You get a mixture of oil pastels, watercolour paints, fine line markers, mini markers, chalks, pencils, paper, sharpener and paintbrushes so your kids should be all set.

Pull a cracker!

This could be so handy for homework projects, crafts, making cards or just creating their own works of art at home.

Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs £3.95.


  • Meryl T.

    Woah! It would be as big as her!!!!

  • Minnie P.

    Thanks hunny xx

  • Zasha D.

    Just ordered a couple for Xmas :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Nicola S.

    good to put by for Xmas xx

  • Claire N.

    Thanks sweetie. That's awesome! X

  • Lisa B.

    Reserved :wink:

  • Emily D.

    wow taloula will love this!!!!! Xxxx

  • Kimberly C.

    to put away for Christmas xx

    • Claire M.

      Definitely. Well worth the money xx

  • Laura C.

    I remember getting these every Christmas! Never as big as this I don't think!

  • Pat W.

    It says £9.99 when I click on it. X

    • PlayPennies

      Sorry Pat, looks like the price has changed today. I'll expire it, thanks for letting us know. :)

  • Stacie C.

    This is awesome but we have more than enough. I'm forever picking them up and most came in a compact set like this. They break everything! Great price though. Xxxx

  • Zoe P.

    remember these bad boys. Top christmas present :ok_hand:

  • Catherine G.

    The crayons are really cheap and are very feint - barely make a mark on the paper, the pens run out after a couple of uses, the paints are like water paints.

  • Helen W.

    You get what you pay for with this. It's not great at all, my Daughter was very disappointed.

  • Claire K.

    Oh yeah we got it at that price :grinning: x

  • Angela K.

    I got it last year still going strong! X

  • Leanne O.

    there in stock now :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

    • Gemma O.

      I hate argos too much now!!

  • Naomi A.

    there's a cracker in here

  • Kerrie A.

    I got artist colouring pencils :joy:

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