Carousel Wooden Garage Set £22.67 @ Tesco Direct

Carousel Wooden Garage Set £22.67 @ Tesco Direct

The Wooden Garage Set from Carousel is on offer at Tesco Direct for £22.67 instead of £40, giving a saving of £17.33. It seems it was available in some stores recently for just £10, but I’m not sure if that’s still valid or not. Online it’s this price, which is a pretty big saving anyway.

The Carousel Wooden Garage Set comes flat packed, IKEA style, and you have to put it together, but it’s apparently not too hard to do. It comes with two cars, a van, a Tesco truck, a helicopter,  and a petrol pump as well as the bits a garage needs, like ramps and a barrier, car wash and a lift.

The major criticism for this piece is that the ramps and other bits pop off easily, but most people have managed to sort this out with a little glue. For the rest they say it’s a sturdy piece, and bold and bright colours.

Personally, I’m not convinced by the Tesco truck… but nothing a lick of paint can’t sort out. Overall, it looks like a fun toy and at (almost) half price, most others who’ve bought it agree it’s pretty good value for money.

Thanks to funkymunkygirl at HUKD



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