Buy 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts for £19 & Get a FREE 43 Piece Lean Meat Hamper @ Muscle Food

Buy 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts for £19 & Get a FREE 43 Piece Lean Meat Hamper @ Muscle Food

Have you ordered from Muscle Food before? No, well now is the time to as they have a fantastic offer which will save you a fair few pennies!

If you buy a pack of 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts for £19 you can get a FREE 43 Piece Lean Meat Hamper! Perfect for all those Summer BBQ's!

All you have to do to claim this offer is add the 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts to your basket and enter the code 43PIECE and the 43 piece lean meat hamper will be added to your order for FREE!

This hamper is worth £16 if you were to buy it separately and includes:

  • 2 x 4oz British Minute Steaks
  • 8 x 50g Chicken Mini Fillets
  • 20 x 20g Lean Beef Meatballs
  • 14 x 25g Low Fat Bacon Medallions
  • 6 x 75g Cumberland Sausages

Don't let the Muscle Food name put you off, you may be thinking this is just for body builders and clean eaters but it really isn't. Many of my friends now order their meat from Muscle Food instead of the supermarkets. They are forever telling me I should order some as the quality and size of the meat is great value for money.

At this price it is defintely worth a try, especially with the bank holiday weekend at the end of August, I am planning a big BBQ so this will be perfect!

You do have to spend a minimum of £25 to order from Muscle Food so click here* to view the rest of the site. Standard home delivery is £3.95 and becomes FREE when you spend £75 or more.


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  • Paul P.

    Think I may have to invest

    • Claire C.

      But, isn't their minimum order value about £25? So, you'd have to spend more than £19 anyway!

      • Louise C.

        yous should do this x

        • Frederica F.


          • Áine S.

            Just ordered! Amazing deal. Yeh order minimum is £25 but I just added some steaks on to my order for £6. Great offer I think xx