Bob The Builder Vehicles Playset £14.99 @ Amazon

bobTheBuilderVehiclesPlayset Amazon are selling this rather ace Bob The Builder Vehicles playset for £14.99 instead of £29.99.

It's such a shame my youngest has grown out of Bob the Builder now.  Our Doctor's surgery used to have these Bob the Builder Vehicles in the 'kiddies corner' and as a result he loved going there, we used to rock up to appointments ridiculously early just so he could play with them.

The Bob the Builder Vehicles Playset includes an articulated Bob The Builder figure, friction Scrambler, friction Muck, friction Scoop and pull back motorised Dizzy.

All of the vehicles have moving parts - Scoop's scoop moves up and down, Muck's container tips up and so on.

I can vouch for these Bob the Builder Vehicles and other reviews are good too...

"We bought this for my 20 month old son who loves Bob the builder and he absolutely loves it. The vehicles are bigger than I expected and seem durable. A very good purchase!"

"Brilliant - my 20 month old has just got into Bob the Builder, and this is an amazinf value set of 4 characters and of course Bob. He absolutely loves it :-)"

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